Local events

La Pentecoste

The Pentecost

The sacred-folkloristic feast of the Holy Spirit Melfi


The historical re-enactment of an event in March 1528, remembered as the "Bloody Easter." Melfi, in the struggle between the French and the Spanish armies for the possession of the kingdom of Naples, and besieged by the troops of the French Lautrec, was forced to surrender after an heroic resistance. The population took refuge on the Mount Vulture, in the wilderness of the Holy Spirit, and went into the city on the day of the Pentecost, after the liberation of the Spaniards. Every year, in addition to an impressive parade in Spanish Renaissance costumes, there is big waiting for the spectacular historical re-enactment with the attack, and the fire fighting of the Porta Venosina and the Castle.

Il volo dell'Angelo

The Flight of the angel

Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa

from April to September

A steel cable that is a mile long suspended at 400 meters above the sea level, 120 kilometers per hour speed. These are the numbers of the Flight of the Angel, a unique attraction in Italy. A dive between heaven and earth, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites of Lucania, between the peaks of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, already known to be among "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". Embedded in the rock, the two towns are the boundaries within which you can live an extraordinary adventure. Guaranteed adrenaline and excitement to live safely immersed in nature and in a unique landscape.

Il mondo di Federico II

The world of Frederick II

Castle Lagopesole

from June to September

The World of Frederick II, in the Castle of Lagopesole, makes you relive the excitement of court life, the historical and political events and personalities that marked the Emperor's life. All through an interactive journey that ends in the courtyard of the castle, under the stars, with the Projection in Multivision.

Il Grande Spettacolo dell'acqua

The Big Show Water

Lake St. Peter, Monteverde

end of July / end of August

There is a place of soul, where every evening you repeat the same magic, that of The Great Entertainment Water, in the naturalistic oasis of Lake St. Peter in Monteverde, inspired by the life of Gerard Majella (1726-1755), the saint of the people. An impressive staging, a weave of emotions that captures and enchants. When the water curtain opens, the play of light, colors, fountains and arcs music accompany the actors, the dancers and the intense narrative voices of Elena Sofia Ricci and Leo Gullotta, in an emotional journey where the narrative binds the dream ...

Parco e cinespettacolo della Grancia

Park and the "Cinespettacolo" of Grancia

Forest of Grancia, Brindisi Montagna

from July to September

The Grancia Park is the first park historic rural environment in Italy: 12 hectares of nature and culture in the picturesque scenery of the Forest of Grancia, in Brindisi Montagna, a few kilometers from Potenza. Main event of the Park is the Cinespettacolo "La storia bandita" (The outlawed history), a magnificent example of popular theater in Italy, where 400 volunteers of the local population give birth to a live-action film about the history of anti-Napoleonic insurgences and about southern banditry in the period of the Renaissance. It is extraordinary the use of technology and special effects that push the public in the highly addictive climate.

Città dell'utopia

City of utopia


every weekend in July and August

In a ghost town lives again the dream of an endless night. The show "The City of Utopia" in Old Campomaggiore, is a game of movements and beautiful costumes, with the help of aerial dance and acting of actors of national fame, in a magical and charming set. Everything revolves around the story of a soldier who, returned from war, finds nothing in his town. Everything has been destroyed by the landslide in 1885. In a magical night, however, the man, meets characters both real and fantastic, which slowly are able to transform his nightmares of war in the dream of rebuilding the City of Utopia.

Cantinando - Wine&Art

Cantinando - Wine&Art

Urban park of the cellars in Barile


Cantinando is the Urban Park of the cellars in Barile, dug into the tuff in the fifteenth century with the fatigue of the arms and so beloved by Pier Paolo Pasolini, who in 1964 has shooted there the initial part of the "Gospel according to Matthew." In addition to the Aglianico del Vulture and the food products of the territory, concerts, exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography and crafts, street art, theater, film screenings, conferences, book presentations, children's activities, culture and traditions.

Parco urbano delle cantine di Rapolla

Urban park of the cellars in Rapolla



There is a magical place in Vulture where the culture, the traditions and the generous soul of a territory are told through food. It is the Urban Park of the cellars in Rapolla. The event is characterized by the striking location: the magnificent scenery of the cave-cellars in Via Fosso Tiglia and in Via Monastero. Each year the program is enriched with innovative features: in addition to the food and wine events, there are always new activities with new methods of communicating the traditions and the culture of food, cultural and artistic proposals innovative and engaging are pursued. An extraordinary sensorial experience.

La varola

The Varola


penultimate weekend of October

About the Marroncino, a fine chestnut, the City of Melfi has built a food and wine event of excellence for the Vulture and Basilicata. The heart of the medieval village becomes a meeting point for thousands of tourists to discover the Marroncino of Melfi. Huge riddled with hoses containers, the Varola, dominate the square, ready to roast the delicious fruit and offer it to refined palates, along with a glass of Aglianico of Vulture. Sounds, lights, colors, flavors give life to the streets of the historic center: painting and photography exhibitions, craft workshops, the performances of popular music, the falconry and the reopening of the old cellars. An event you cannot miss.

Aglianica wine festival

The Aglianica wine festival



Traditional appointment with one of the talents of the area: the Aglianico del Vulture. A three days full of seminars, workshops and meetings with great wine experts in the picturesque setting of the castle Del Balzo of Venosa. Shows and tastings complete the program of the festival.

Convegno e raduno nazionale di falconeria

Conference and national meeting of Falconry



Prestigious event dedicated to the great Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, who loved to hunt in these lands with the falcon. Historical re-enactments, medieval tournaments, exhibitions, performances and dancing in the magnificent Norman-Swabian castle and the streets of the medieval village.